There’s been many opportunities to walk in Grand Rapids this winter of 2024. Sidewalks are dry, free of ice and snow. I take advantage of the mildness, go outside to breathe fresh air, take in a few miles under my feet, clear my head.

Spring is only weeks away. I count the days, like I do every year. Spring—when I’m rewarded with crocuses, daffodils, peony sprouts, dandelions, tulips along the neighborhood sidewalks. Herb boxes everywhere soon to bloom with purple chives. I await the first soft lettuces.

Summer walks are just as pleasant. I don’t mind warm and humid weather. Time in the yard and garden, time on the back wooden deck sipping chilled Michigan Chardonnay or Gamey Noir. Funny how time speeds up for me those lovely long days of sunlight, the season always over before I know it.

Of course, fall comes around again. Autumn walks along shedding red maples, concrete sprinkled with acorns, browned stems of squash trespassing into curbs where I step, a crisp apple in hand. Then, the dread of November, the joy of Christmas, the thaw of January. Back to where I start counting the days before spring again.

All year ‘round, my favorite places haven’t changed. Foremost are the places where our children and grandchildren live. Other favorites are: River City Writers’ Group I attend each Wednesday; First Monday Mainstay Writers; small independent bookstores on any day; the local Farmers’ Market where you’ll find me on Saturday mornings.